Booking Terms

Our terms and conditions.

Terms and Conditions

Details of our terms and conditions for taking and handling holiday bookings in the properties for which we act as agent.

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Loch Carron

The view across the loch as seen from the Main Street of Lochcarron village.

Elevated Positions

Several of our properties are in elevated locations with superb views such as this one in Croft Road, Lochcarron.

Loch Carron

The view along the length of Loch Carron looking towards Slumbay.

Elevated Positions

Several of our properties are in elevated locations with superb views such as this one in Croft Road, Lochcarron.


Lochcarron is a popular location for all kinds of boating activities - sailing, canoeing, kayaking, etc.

Traditional Highland Cottage

Some of our holiday properties have semi-rural situations away from the main centre of Lochcarron village.

Views from Croft Road

Several of our holiday properties are situated on Croft Road, Lochcarron, from where there are some superb views.

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Self Catering Holidays in Wester Ross, Scottish Highlands
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Terms and Conditions

  • Visit Lochcarron, hereinafter called "the agency", is the registered business name of the holiday letting agency operated by James Mould, Tigh Charrann, Croft Road, Lochcarron, Strathcarron, IV54 8YA.

  • The agency merely acts as agent for the individual property owners and any contract to hire a property offered by the agency is therefore made between the holidaymaker and the property owner. The agency will not be liable for any act, neglect or default on the part of the property owner or any other person, nor for any loss, injury, damage, accident, expense or inconvenience, either to person or property, which may be suffered or incurred by the holidaymaker, by members of the holidaymaker's party, or by any other person.

  • Every effort is made to ensure that all information supplied about properties is accurate and complete. Such information is provided in good faith but the agency does not accept liability or responsibility for any loss or damage resulting from information given or statements made, whether written or verbal.

  • Any contract to hire a property requires the completion of the relevant Booking Form which the agency will supply upon request. Each Booking Form contains terms and conditions pertinent to the particular property, these being summarised in general terms below. The submission of a completed and signed Booking Form signifies the holidaymaker's acceptance of all the terms and conditions.

  • The terms and conditions on the Booking Forms, which holidaymakers are required to accept, are as follows:-

    1. To leave the property in a clean and tidy condition at the end of the stay.

    2. To replace any breakages or losses and/or to reimburse the property owner for any breakages or damage or losses to the property. Any soaked or damaged mattresses are to be replaced by the holidaymaker.

    3. To use the property strictly and solely for its purpose as holiday accommodation.

    4. To limit the number of occupants to no more than the number designated for that particular property, and to ensure that these are the people specified on the Booking Form.

    5. All properties on our books are strictly NON-SMOKING. Holidaymakers and all members of their party must therefore refrain from smoking anywhere inside the properties at all times.

    6. To ensure that, where pets are allowed, they are kept under strict control at all times, both within the property and in the garden outside. Pets should not be allowed on any of the furniture, and should not be left alone at any time, either inside the property or in the garden outside. Neither the agency nor the individual property owners can accept responsibility for the safety and security of pets and this responsibility therefore rests entirely with the owner of the pet or pets. The gardens at some holiday properties are surrounded by fences and/or hedges; however, we cannot and do not guarantee that these are sufficient to keep your pet within the confines of the holiday property and its grounds.

    7. To ensure that, in those properties where an Internet connection is provided, the connection is used in a responsible and mature fashion at all times and is never used to download or upload inappropriate material of any kind whatsoever. If it is found that this condition has been breached, and especially if we consider that the law may have been broken, we reserve the right to inform the appropriate authorities should we deem it necessary.

    8. Unless otherwise stated or agreed beforehand, the property will be available from 4pm onwards on the day of arrival, and should be vacated by no later than 10am on the day of departure.

    9. To vacate the property at the end of the let.

    10. The booking is made on the understanding that the property will be made available for the holidaymaker’s use as from the date specified in our letter confirming the booking. If this is not possible because of circumstances beyond our control, we will attempt to provide suitable alternative accommodation, but cannot guarantee that this will be possible. If we are unsuccessful in providing alternative accommodation, the owner of the property you have booked will make a full refund of the rental you have paid, which will thus discharge in full our liability to you.

    11. A 20% deposit is payable at the time of booking, with the remaining balance falling due 6 weeks before the start date of the let. In the event that a late booking is made with less than 6 weeks remaining before the start date, the full rental is payable at the time of booking.

    12. Apart from the situation outlined in clause 10 above, the 20% deposit is non-refundable. Once the remaining balance of 80% of the rental has been paid, that also becomes non-refundable unless we are able to obtain a suitable alternative booking in time. In the event of cancellation, therefore, you are advised to inform us as soon as possible to give us maximum opportunity of obtaining a replacement booking. The taking of appropriate cancellation insurance is obviously a wise precaution against possible financial loss.

    13. The submission of a completed Booking Form and payment of a deposit shall constitute an offer by the holidaymaker, and a contract shall come into existence only when we have accepted the booking.

    14. Any disputes are the responsibility of the property owner, not of the agency, and shall be settled under the terms of Scots Law.

    15. By placing a booking in the property, the holidaymaker and all members of his/her party accept and agree to the foregoing Terms and Conditions.

  • It should be noted that the terms on the Booking Forms advise the taking of appropriate cancellation insurance to protect against financial loss resulting from unexpected changes of circumstances. As a small business, current financial services' regulations do not permit the agency to provide such cover and it is therefore the holidaymaker's responsibility to make his/her own arrangements independently. This can usually be achieved via an insurance company or insurance broker.

  • In the event that it proves necessary to cancel a holiday booking, the holidaymaker should advise the agency at the earliest possible opportunity. If such notification is made either by telephone or e-mail in the first instance, it should be followed up with a written notification. The agency will not accept liability for cancellation notifications which fail to be received, for whatever reason.

  • As a small business, the agency is unable to accept payments by credit/debit card on account of the high costs incurred. Payments for holidays are payable direct to the respective property owners and the agency merely acts as administrator in terms of collecting payments and banking those payments on behalf of the owners. Payments from within the UK are accepted by sterling cheque or postal order. Provided that the relevant property owner agrees to his/her bank account details being divulged to the holidaymaker, it may be possible for payments to be accepted via Internet banking/BACS.

  • Bookings from overseas are very welcome and payment can be accepted by sterling travellers' cheques or international money order in sterling. In certain circumstances, and entirely at the discretion of the property owner, consideration may also be given to accepting payment by international bank transfer. Whatever the instrument of payment, any bank charges incurred will be payable by the holidaymaker. It is the holidaymaker's responsibility to ensure that the instrument of payment issued is negotiable in the United Kingdom.

  • The terms on each Booking Form state that each property has a designated maximum number of occupants which must not be exceeded. If this condition is not adhered to, the agency reserves the right, on behalf of the property owner, to demand that the holidaymaker and all members of his/her party should vacate the property forthwith. In such circumstances, there will be no refund of rental whatsoever and the liabilities of the owner and of the agency will cease immediately.

  • The agency reserves the right, either on its own account or on behalf of the property owner, to refuse accommodation or refuse to hand over a property or to terminate a hire if, in the opinion of the owner or of the agency, the holidaymaker or any member of his/her party is/are not suitable to occupy or take charge of it. In such circumstances, the liabilities of the owner and of the agency will cease immediately and no responsibility whatsoever will be accepted by the agency for such refusal or termination.

  • If the holidaymaker is not satisfied with the accommodation which is offered, the responsibility for rectifying the problem lies with the property owner, not with the agency. The agency does not accept any liability in this regard but is willing to assist the holidaymaker in terms of liaison with the property owner if it is felt that a justified complaint is being made. Any complaint should be submitted in writing to the agency no later than 5 days after commencement of the holiday let. Any such complaint will be forwarded by the agency to the property owner for his/her attention.

  • Once the agency confirms a booking placed with it, it will be deemed that the holidaymaker and all members of his/her party, whether specified on the Booking Form or not, have accepted these conditions.

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