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All our contact information for enquiries about holiday availability and bookings, website design and holiday letting agency services.

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Loch Carron

The view across the loch as seen from the Main Street of Lochcarron village.

Traditional Highland Cottage

Some of our cottages are in rural locations such as this one just outside Lochcarron village.

Loch Carron

The view along the length of Loch Carron looking towards Slumbay.

Traditional Highland Cottage

Several of our holiday properties are in or close to the centre of Lochcarron village.


Lochcarron is a popular location for all kinds of boating activities - sailing, canoeing, kayaking, etc.

Traditional Highland Cottage

Some of our holiday properties have semi-rural situations away from the main centre of Lochcarron village.

Holiday Apartment

One of our most popular properties is a one-bedroomed apartment which has an elevated position overlooking Loch Carron.

Views from Croft Road

Several of our holiday properties are situated on Croft Road, Lochcarron, from where there are some superb views.

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Self Catering Holidays in Wester Ross, Scottish Highlands
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Contact Information

You can contact us as follows:-

Enquiries about holiday property availability and bookings

Enquiries about website design and holiday letting agency services

For Holiday Enquiries:


Please enquire about the property in which you are interested by using the links below:

If the property you are enquiring about is already booked for the dates you require, we can provide you with alternative suggestions from the properties in our portfolio. However, owing to new data protection regulations, we can do this only if you give your permission by selecting the "other properties" option on the property enquiry form.

Alternatively, you may contact us via:

• Telephone - +44 (0) 1520 722 992 - N.B. Please dial carefully - the last 6 digits are seven, two, two, nine, nine, two.

• E-mail -

N.B. A couple of requests if you are sending an enquiry by e-mail:

• Please be sure to include your name, address and telephone number. In view of the large number of malicious and/or spam e-mails in circulation nowadays, we will not normally respond to anonymous e-mail enquiries.

• We regularly receive "one-line" e-mail enquiries saying something like: "Is your cottage available for XYZ date?" As we have several properties on our books, this poses the obvious question: "Which property?" So, PLEASE - DO include the name of the property you require - it will be much quicker in the long run! In fact, it's generally quicker and easier for all concerned if you use an enquiry form from the list of links above. We WILL ensure that your contact details are kept secure and we will definitely NOT pass them on to any third party for marketing purposes. Please see the "Information That We Collect" section of our Privacy Policy for more information.

For Website Design/Letting Agency Services:

Please complete the Enquiry Form below:

N.B. Most of the fields on the form are required and the form will not send unless these are completed.

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Are you thinking of offering a holiday property to let in the Lochcarron area or nearby?

If so, please contact us for free help and advice, and for details of our very competitive agency terms.