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Do you own a Holiday Property in Lochcarron?

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If you already own a holiday property in Lochcarron, or are perhaps thinking of buying one, you may find my website design and holiday letting agency services useful.

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Loch Carron

The view across the loch as seen from the Main Street of Lochcarron village.

Traditional Highland Cottage

Some of our cottages are in rural locations such as this one just outside Lochcarron village.

Loch Carron

The view along the length of Loch Carron looking towards Slumbay.

Traditional Highland Cottage

Several of our holiday properties are in or close to the centre of Lochcarron village.


Lochcarron is a popular location for all kinds of boating activities - sailing, canoeing, kayaking, etc.

Traditional Highland Cottage

Some of our holiday properties have semi-rural situations away from the main centre of Lochcarron village.

Holiday Apartment

One of our most popular properties is a one-bedroomed apartment which has an elevated position overlooking Loch Carron.

Views from Croft Road

Several of our holiday properties are situated on Croft Road, Lochcarron, from where there are some superb views.

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Self Catering Holidays in Wester Ross, Scottish Highlands
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Do You Own a Holiday Property?

If the answer to this question is "yes", or if you are perhaps thinking of buying a holiday home, there are two possible areas in which I may be able to help you:-

Website Design

It is generally accepted nowadays that the most popular way of researching and booking holidays and travel accommodation is via the Internet. A substantial percentage of the homes in the UK now have Internet access and the number is constantly growing, and the same can be said of a number of other countries whose citizens regularly enjoy visiting the Scottish Highlands.

In addition, large numbers of people have Internet access at their places of work as well as via the many and increasing numbers of Wi-Fi hot spots around the country. Furthermore, with the advent of 3G, and now even 4G networks in some areas, mobile broadband usage via dongles, smartphones and tablets is on the increase in places where such service is available. Mobile broadband allows customers to browse the internet, check e-mail and download files, music and video clips from their laptops and smart devices wherever there is coverage.

The net result is that, if you are not using a website to promote your holiday business, whether it be self catering accommodation, a bed and breakfast, a guest house or a hotel, you are almost certainly losing business to your competitors.

The cost of having a good, search engine friendly, website designed is probably less than you think and will almost certainly prove to be a wise investment which will very quickly pay for itself in terms of additional bookings and business.

The cost of designing a website depends very much on individual requirements. I am very happy to discuss those with you, without obligation, and to provide a firm written quotation. Please enquire for more details. There's no charge for asking!

Holiday Letting Agency

If you already have a holiday property, or are perhaps thinking of buying one, it's quite likely that you may fall into one or more of the following categories:-

  • You would like to let your property but are uncertain as to the best way to go about it.
  • Your level of bookings is falling below expectations.
  • You dislike paperwork and administration - and/or are already too busy to deal with it properly.
  • You object to paying the high rates of commission charged by the big UK letting agencies.

If any of the above strikes a chord, there's a distinct possibility that I may be able to help you! My holiday letting agency provides the following services and benefits to my clients:-

• Personalised service local to the Lochcarron area. • Low commission rates, substantially less than most competitors' rates.
• All your paperwork and administration done for you. • You keep more of the earnings from your property.
• Your property is promoted via its own individual website as well as being listed on the "Visit Lochcarron" site. • No charges for own bookings within reason - yes, some agencies actually charge if you book your own property!
• Enquiries for dates already booked are passed to other properties in the agency, for the mutual benefit of all. • Rental payments banked straight to your bank account - commission invoiced in arrears after the let.

Please contact me for more information without obligation.

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Are you thinking of offering a holiday property to let in the Lochcarron area or nearby?

If so, please contact us for free help and advice, and for details of our very competitive agency terms.